Why Invest In Creative Media

In most industries, differentiation between companies often comes down to branding achieved through creative marketing content. In light of that, your efforts toward marketing your business can be the difference between success and failure in a competitive market.

Branding, marketing, advertising – these terms get thrown around a lot and are often treated like they’re interchangeable. While they’re definitely interconnected and geared toward similar goals, they aren’t quite the same thing.

Your branding is the process of developing, protecting and promoting your brand. But that raises the question – what is a brand? Really, it’s everything consumers think about your business as they interact with your ads, print materials, website, products, logos and everything else that’s customer-facing about your company. Marketing on the other hand, is based around the 4 P’s – product, place (where you sell your products), price and promotions. It’s the sum of all the steps you take to get your offerings to market while generating attention and interest in what you’re selling.

Your creative advertising, then, is the driving force behind both of these processes. Creative content, whether it’s traditional print, TV or radio advertising, blog content, online videos or anything else, is about taking a concept that positions your business as the best option for your customers and forges and emotional connection with your brand.

Creative Ink as one of the best media companies in Malaysia, we understand how good design can amplify a brand’s presence. We believe it’s an essential ingredient when brands are looking to start a dialogue with their audience, generate recognition and boost brand recall.

As a creative media company based Kuala Lumpur, we take pride in our experience. Our skills crafts images that tell a story. Based on conventional understanding and intensive research on user context, our creativity evoke the right emotions and differentiates your products, services and brand from the rest.





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